Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sculpture Lease Program.

   Create an invigorating environment for clients and employees with the help of  SSLP.  No space is too large or too small. Rates start at $100.00 per month based on size and value of the artwork. We also offer a lease-to-own option. SSLP staff work closely with you to assess artwork needs, determine appropriate exhibition locations, and make curatorial recommendations for exhibition content. Upon annual renewal exhibitions are rotated to ensure a continuously stimulating and educational atmosphere.  The original artworks available for loan are from SSLP's extensive talent bank of local stone sculptors, some known and some unknown.  Stone sculpture has a direct link dating back thousands of years and  lends itself like none other to modern  settings. You never know, you might have tomorrow's Michelangelo or Henry Moore on display in your space today!
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Sculpture Gallery 

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       'Dragon'                                                      'Astral Ascension'
alabaster 12x13x6”                                          soapstone 14x9x8”

'Keeper of Blocks' marble

Some of the benefits of leasing artwork.

-Rent or lease payments for artwork are tax-deductible because they are considered a business expense
-Renting artwork doesn't tie up capital -- no need to carry artwork assets on the company's books
-Leased artwork provides a budget-conscious means to improve the workspace
Lobbies, offices, corridors, and conference rooms benefit from distinctive selections
-Pleasing visual surroundings enhance worker morale
-This is an opportunity to give your workspace    warmth, character and a distinctive look

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